Agilent 6850A GC System

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We have a refurbished Agilent 6850A GC System (G2630B), includes Split/Splitless (opt 112) and MSD Interface (opt 201).

The Agilent 6850 Network GC System is a high-performance gas chromatography system that offers unparalleled precision and accuracy in demanding analytical applications. It utilizes cutting-edge technology and advanced design to provide reliable results every time. One of the key features of the Agilent 6850 GC System is its advanced temperature control. This ensures that the temperature of the column and the injector are kept at the optimal level for accurate and consistent results. Additionally, the system’s high-resolution capabilities allow for detailed analysis of complex samples.

Designed for maximum efficiency and productivity, the Agilent 6850 GC System allows for simultaneous analysis of multiple samples. This saves valuable time and resources, making it an ideal choice for busy research and industrial settings.

Item Number: 2315
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
Model: G2630B
Serial Number: CN10748014
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 6-month warranty

Includes: Refurbished Agilent 6850A GC System (G2630B)

  • Split/Splitless inlet (112)
  • MSD Interface (opt 201)


  • Installation & familiarization
  • Extended warranty
  • Additional inlets and detectors

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