Agilent Ultivo LCMS Triple Quadrupole System

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Agilent Ultivo LC-MSMS System. System includes G6465BA Ultivo Triple Quad, PC, MassHunter, and G1733CA Standalone Pesticide MRM Database, G7112B 1260 Bin Pump, G7129A 1260 Vialsampler, G7116A 1260 MCT, and G7115A 1260 DAD WR.

Item Number: 525
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
Model: G3540A, G7012BA, G4513A, G4514A
Serial Numbers: US2101A012, US2106V303, RO20525039, RO20527009
Condition: Quantum Certified
Warranty: 6-month warranty

Agilent Ultivo LC-MSMS System Includes: 

  • Agilent G6465BA Ultivo Triple Quad
    • PC
    • MassHunter
    • G1733CA Standalone Pesticide MRM Database
  • G7112B 1260 Bin Pump
  • G7129A 1260 Vialsampler
  • G7116A 1260 MCT
  • G7115A 1260 DAD WR


  • Installation & familiarization
  • Extended warranty

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