Agilent Gold Plated GC Inlet Seal with Washer

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Agilent Gold Plated GC Inlet Seal with Washer, 1 pack.

The Agilent GC gold inlet seal enables leak-free seal between the inlet body and the capillary column ferrule. Even small leaks in the split/splitless gas chromatography (GC) inlet can reduce system sensitivity, causing poor signal-to-noise ratio and increased column bleed. The split/splitless inlet seal seals off potential microleaks within the flow path.

The soft gold surface plating of the GC seals naturally deforms when compressed, ensuring that a leak-free connection is achieved between the base of the inlet and the analytical column. The injection molded design unique to Agilent ensures a highly polished surface, free of micro striations and tooling marks, and optimal plating adhesion.

Gold seal is packaged with a washer to aid in installation.

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