Agilent Graphite GC Ferrules, 0.5 mm

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Agilent Graphite GC Ferrules, 0.5 mm, 10 pack. GC ferrule has a 0.5 mm inner diameter, and is compatible with 0.1 – 0.32 mm column.

Graphite ferrules offer exceptional sealing performance for most standard GC applications. The soft, malleable material can uniquely conform to nearly any space, reducing dead volume. This provides a leak-tight seal without risk of compromising the analytical column. Graphite capillary ferrules offer limited thermal expansion or contraction, meaning that column connections do not require regular maintenance to retain an efficient seal. Compared to polymeric materials, high-purity graphite ferrules are capable of withstanding inlet/oven temperatures up to 450 °C without loss in performance.

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