Frontier Auto-Rx Disc 300

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Frontier Auto-Rx Disc 300, glass, 100 pcs/bottle, 3 bottles.

3.0 mm diameter, 0.2 mm thickness, 500 ºC maximum use temperature, 5 µL  maximum load volume.

The Auto-Rx Disc is a small filter that prevents the derivatization reagent from wicking out of the sample cup. It allows the use of the Auto-Shot Sampler when using reactive pyrolysis-GC with TMAH (Tetramethylammonium hydroxide). It enhances analytical precision, ready-to-use, and is made of ultra-clean, high-quality, fine glass fibers.

When TMAH is added to a sample cup, the TMAH often wicks up the sample cup leaving a sticky film on the outer surface of the cup. A sticky cup does not ‘free fall’ properly nor is it ejected smoothly when an Auto-Shot Sampler is used. By placing an Auto-Rx Disc at the bottom of the sample cup, the fine glass fibers of the disc adsorb extra TMAH solution (up to 5 µL), preventing the TMAH from wicking out of the sample cup. This allows the analyst to automate reactive pyrolysis experiments by using the Auto-Shot Sampler (AS-1020E).

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