Frontier AS-2020E Sideways Installation Kit (Agilent)

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Frontier AS-2020E Sideways Installation Kit K787 (for Agilent 8890/8860/7890/7820 GC systems) includes the following:

  • Supporting plate set N20 (1 set)
  • Outer cover for AS-2020E sideways installation (1 each)
  • Stand for Auto-Shot Sampler 60 mm (1 each)
  • AS 2020E Sample Cup Recovery Chute for Agilent Sideways Installation (1 each)
  • AS Support Attachment 1 (1 set)


Please note: PY-3030 Sideways Installation Kit (PY-K7894) is required

Please note: If you are using an Auto-Shot Sampler AS-1020E, you will need the AS-1020E Sideways Installation Kit K786 (click here).

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