Jetanizer – Adaptable, Packed

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Jetanizer™ Adaptable, Packed, 63.5 mm, 1 each. (For Agilent 7890 earlier model GCs)

The Jetanizer is a methanizer that fits in a flame ionization detector (FID) jet to allow for the sub-ppm detection of CO, CO2 and formaldehyde on any GC-FID. Made possible by advances in 3D printing and ARC’s proprietary catalysts, the Jetanizer is the world’s easiest methanizer to use, and requires no extra plumbing, heaters, gases or toxic nickel catalysts. The Jetanizer installs in your FID in minutes just like a normal FID jet.

Please note: This Jetanizer model has a 2-week lead time.

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