Frontier Magic Chemisorber L100 Kit

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Frontier Magic Chemisorber L100 kit. Each kit contains Magic Chemisorber L100 (3 each), Eco-Stick DF (5 each), and MC Holder L (2 each).

Magic Chemisorber L100 is a solid phase extraction device in which a film of 100 μm of PDMS is chemically bonded to the outer surface of a titanium tube that has been deactivated in the same way as the Ultra ALLOY capillary column. These are immersed in a liquid or gaseous sample, and the target components are extracted while standing or stirring. After that, the pyrolyzer is used to thermally desorb the extracted components which are then analyzed by GC.

Eco-Stick DF (80 mm long) is used with stainless steel Eco-Cup LF sample cups.

MC Holder L is the protective tube for use with the Magic Chemisorber L100 or L500. The MC Holder L is 40 mm long with an outer dimension of 4 mm.

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