Frontier Magic Chemisorber S500 Kit

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Frontier Magic Chemisorber S500 Kit. Each kit includes Magic Chemisorber S500 (3 each), Eco-Stick DF (5 each), and MC Holder S (Flow through Eco-Cup LHF) (5 each).

Magic Chemisorber S500 is a solid phase extraction device in which a film of 500 μm of PDMS is chemically bonded to the outer surface of a titanium tube that has been deactivated in the same way as the Ultra ALLOY capillary column.

Eco-Stick DF is for stainless steel Eco-Cup LF, 80 mm (L). The Eco-Stick DF is used for manual Double-Shot analysis.

Frontier Flow Through Eco-Cup LHF. Flow though type 1 mm i.d. hole at the bottom, 4 mm o.d. x 8 mm (H), 80 µL.

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