Frontier Micro Sample Collector Kit

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Frontier Micro Sample Collector Kit is ideal for collecting a small amount of liquids or paste-like materials that are difficult to pick up using tweezers.

Each kit includes:

  • Micro sample collector – 5 each
  • Micro coil S – 20 each
  • Plunger stopper – 5 each


The tip of the Micro Sample Collector is a micro coil (outer diameter = 0.3 mm, L=5 mm), which is made of deactivated micro coil and is retractable into the needle. By lightly touching or rubbing the material of interest with the coil, a sub-milligram of sample can be collected.

The sample collected on the micro coil can be directly injected into GC if the sample is volatile, or the micro coil alone can be placed in a sample cup for pyrolysis if the sample is a polymeric material. Also a solvent extract from the micro coil can be analyzed by HPLC. The Micro Sample Collector is useful for other sample preparations required for your specific analytical purposes.

The micro coil is disposable, but depending on analytical purposes it can be reused by cleaning with a solvent.

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