NIST 23 Mass Spectral Library Upgrade

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NIST 23 Mass Spectral Library Upgrade. If you have an older versions of the Full NIST Mass Spectral Database, select this product to upgrade your license to NIST 23.  This is the latest release of the NIST Mass Spectral Library, which includes EI library of 394K spectra of 347,100 compounds plus GC retention indices for over 153K compounds.

The NIST 23 Mass Spectral Library Upgrade includes:

  •  Main EI MS Library: Spectra for 394K chemical compounds
  • Replicate EI MS Library:  46,954 replicate spectra
  • Tandem (MS/MS) Library: 51,501 compounds (60% more than NIST 20)
  • Tandem (MS/MS) Library: 400K precursor ions and 2.4 million spectra
  • Retention Index Library:  492K RI values for 153K compounds
  • NIST MS-Search 3.0:  The standalone NIST Mass Spectral Search Program
  • AMDIS:  The Automated Mass Spectral Identification and Deconvolution System


The NIST 23 MS Library has been extensively updated from NIST 20:

  • The EI Library has added over 40,000 unique compounds with more than 43,000 spectra, in addition to AI-RI values for all EI data
  • The MS/MS Library has added 60% more compounds than the 2020 release, now covering over 51,000 compounds and over 399,000 precursor ions
  • The GC RI Library added over 40,000 compounds


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