Frontier Phthalate-Free Quartz Disc

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Frontier Phthalate-free Quartz Disc, 125 mg (1 bottle = approx. 300 phthalate-free quartz discs in a bottle).

Disc size: 3 mm diameter, 0.4 mm thickness. Max use temperature 1050 ºC.

Ultra clean quartz disc recommended for phthalates analysis. Used to prevent the scattering of solid samples that can occur when introducing a sample cup into Auto-Shot Sampler. Ultra clean quartz discs are ready to use without any further treatment.

A concentration test certificate for seven phthalates included:

  • less than 1 ppm: DIBP, DBP, BBP, DEHP, DNOP
  • less than 5 ppm: DINP, DIDP

Quick instructions on how to use the phthalate-free quartz discs:

  1. Place a solid sample in a sample cup.
  2. Put a quartz disc on top of the sample. You may press it lightly from above with tweezers.
  3. Set the sample cup on the carousel of the Auto-Shot Sampler for measurement.

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