Frontier Ultra ALLOY Capillary Column (30m, 0.25mm id, 0.5µm)

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Frontier Ultra ALLOY Capillary column, dimethyl polysiloxane, 0.25mm i.d., 30 meters, 0.5µm, 1 each. Part number# UA1-30M-0.5F

These columns are characterized by their inertness, high temperature stability and mechanical durability. A high heat and contamination resistant column with a proprietary deactivation treatment on the inner surface of the stainless steel tube. More heat resistant than fused silica columns and can be used at 450 °C.

In addition to low bleed and long life, Frontier Ultra ALLOY Capillary columns have many other benefits, including:

  1. Prevention of column deterioration due to oil in the sample
  2. Solvent-free cleaning
  3. Low ghost peaks
  4. Saving analysis time
  5. High performance sustainability.

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