Frontier UV Fiber Assembly Xe

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Frontier UV Fiber Assembly Xe, for the Frontier Micro UV Irradiator UV-1047Xe, SMA connector and quartz protect tube ends, 1 each.

Weather-induced degradation tests of polymeric material usually requires weeks or months to complete. The Frontier Micro UV irradiator uses a xenon lamp to provide UV light intensity about 2000 times stronger than that of a deuterium lamp. This reduces the time necessary to acquire meaningful data reflecting the degradation of the sample.

The effects of “weather” upon exposure to the photo / thermal-oxidative degradation process can quickly be evaluated. This information invaluably facilitate designing and developing new materials. The same system can also be applied to other analytical areas such as elucidation of the effects of additives on a polymer’s physical and chemical behavior (e.g. antioxidants). Photochemical reactions and UV curing can also be examined.

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