UA Capillary Deactivated Tube, 10m, 0.32 x 0.75

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Frontier Ultra ALLOY Capillary Deactivated Tube, 0.32 mm i.d. x 0.75 o.d. mm, 10 meters (UADTM-10MW).

UA capillary deactivated tube is non-polar, and is Polydimethylsiloxane-deactivated. It has an inner diameter of 0.32 mm, an outer diameter of 0.75 mm, and a length of 10 meters.

Part Number: UADTM-10MW
Material: Ultra ALLOY SUS 316
Film Thickness: < 0 .01 μm
Deactivation: Polydimethylsiloxane
Min-Max Temp: -196 ºC to 450 ºC
Polarity: None

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